Miyan Biwi Mein Narazgi Door Karne Ka Amal

Miyan Biwi Mein Narazgi Door Karne Ka Amal

Miyan Biwi Mein Narazgi Door Karne Ka Amal, ” The agreeableness and tranquility of a family has awesome association with affection and comprehension amongst a couple that is the reason if in a family husband and spouse dependably squabble with each other or stay irritated, pulverizes the peace and quietness of home. There might be the oversight of spouse or wife or both… so for this issue I am giving you a simple and successful Wazifa. You will like it

in particular… Ok, now! Spouse or Wife whoever needs to pacify Miyan Biwi Mein Narazgi entryway karne ka amal the other will do this. Day by day while laying on bed for resting discuss Daroode-Taj sharif 3 times and blow on the other individual (Husband/spouse) in creative energy with the goal to build love, peace and comprehension between each other.

Miyan Biwi Mein Narazgi door karne ka amal

IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL inside seven days disturbance between each other will get off and home will turn into the place of peace… Continue it as long as you prefer in light of the fact that it will profit your home

Urdu: –

Ghar ka aman sakoon mian bivi k bahmi ittafaq ka marhoon-eminnat hai lihaza jis ghar principle mian bivi apas fundamental har waqt larrte jhagarte rehte hon to ghar ka sakoon tabah ho jata hai. To yahan standard fundamental is mian bivi ki narazgi k khtmay ka asan sa wazifa pesh kar raha hun. Mian ya Bivi work howdy dusre ko razi karna chahay to utilize ye karna ha keh

rozana rodent ko sote waqt 3 bar Darood-e-Taj sharif parh kar Tasawur men dusre standard phoonk deface dain is niyat se keh wo jald razi ho jaye or apas principle pyar mohabbat or ittafaq peda ho jaye.


wA JAL ak hafte k amal se he narazi ka khatima

ho jaye ga… Jab tak chahen ise jari rakhen faida he hoga.

Miyan Biwi Mein Narazgi Door Karne Ka Amal

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